Great Gratefulness

“What a beautiful thing, God, to give thanks, to sing an anthem to You, the High God!

To announce your love each daybreak, sing your faithful presence all through the night.”

Ps. 92:1-2, The Message

The list is long this week, rocketed forward by weeks of travel to visit beautiful people in wondrous places.

Spring coming, marked by wet snow                                

Meadowlarks singing

Early morning sunlight, red reflecting off lowering clouds

Old friends new again

Visits from around the world

Sons camping on couches

New homes

Vibrant color on walls

Leaves shadowed by early morning sun

Fireplaces warming the chill

Faces tired from smiling

Opportunities taken


Cell phones

E-mail, all ways to stay connected to those we love

Poppies for miles, blooming for the joy of it

Quiet words in the midst of celebration

Good tired, full up with rejoicing

Tromping through fields

Wind, cleaning sky, bringing rain

Listening to lapping water

Out loud laughter

Reflection, interior and otherwise

New leaves

Fresh greens of Spring

Deep Westminster chime

Talents developed, skill shining

Color, and eyes and heart to appreciate it

“Hallelujah! I give thanks to God with everything I’ve got…

God’s works are so great, worth a lifetime of study–endless enjoyment!

His generosity never gives out, His miracles are His memorial

This God of Grace, this God of Love.”
Ps. 111 The Message