A Summer Multitude Monday

On this Monday, a chance to praise God for His blessings

and be thankful for

  • The opportunity to ramble with camera in hand
  • Beauty close and accessible
  • A place where faith and family still matter

  • Farming, and towns where you can still park the tractor

  • Cloud shadows racing across the valley

  • Churches and schools together

  • The view from a place only a bird could be

  • Family time, family visits
  • Good BBQ
  • Opportunity to encourage others
  • The red, white, and blue and all it stands for
  • Chaplains
  • Bugs for kittens to stalk
  • Deep conversation, continuing across miles and years
  • Walking, hiking, trekking, mobility in all its forms
  • Babies, new and smiling
  • Company coming
  • Thunderstorms
  • Still green grass
  • Tomorrow, and the hope it has to offer
  • Today, because it is

Be blessed this week, and walk in the knowledge that God loves you.

In Him who loved us first,



6 thoughts on “A Summer Multitude Monday

    • I love the cows, too. Their placid nature brings peace to my heart.
      Thank you for stopping by! May God’s richest blessings rest on you and your family.

  1. yes, these things are blessings indeed! i love the artistrly and beauty in those old churches and tractors and cloud-dancing, please!!!
    he is so good to us, and so beautiful.
    counting with you!

    • Isn’t it a blessing to do this counting together? Amen, He is good all the time, and to take the time to notice, to focus on it, brings joy unending.

      God’s best blessings to you,

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