A Multitude Monday

Flowers for you on this Multitude Monday!

Endless gifts on this Multitude Monday:

Rubies in my garden: geraniums blooming

Scarlet orbs, flavorful: cherry tomatoes

Beans sprouting in window boxes

Open windows with fresh air sliding through

Rain, and the smell of its coming

Thunder, a vocal promise

People that help others

Tea, a good thing

Tea, with friend: even better

A son coming to visit

An opportunity to blog through Daniel’s deployment

My laptop, holding all my dreams and communications

The Right to Write project, and writing through it

Journaling, and the freedom to do so

My Savior, who holds our worlds in His capable, loving hands

And another gift from artist Lori Vafiades: Fine Linen (The Bride of Christ)

From Revelation 19:5-8. Lori’s other work can be found at http://www.greatcompany.org

Grace to you, dear readers. May God’s peace find its place in your hearts.




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