For PhotoPlay: Frame it

The world in a snapshot,
a moment contained,
a door to the next thing,
our life in a frame.

This is a post for High Calling Blogs’ PhotoPlay: Frame It. Thank you, Claire, for the inspiration.



16 thoughts on “For PhotoPlay: Frame it

    • Thanks, Nancy. This was taken at the Carriage House at Glen Eyrie, one of my favorite places. A Tudor style castle built by Gen. Palmer, it is now the Navigator’s conference center. Hope you get to come wander some day. I’d love to show you around!

  1. Eye catching and thought-provoking pictures and words! “Our life in a frame” – makes me seek keen awareness of what’s around me. You captured unique moments!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging words.

    • Thanks, Donna. This exercise has made me think in moments and helped sharpen my awareness, too. Thanks back!

    • This is one of my teammates. We were doing community development work and had some time to go shopping. Hope the emailed photo comes through okay.

  2. thanks for stopping by…

    the lady in the mirror is my favorite of your photos – reminds me of a middle eastern or asian market. but all of your photos are beautiful.

    • Thanks, Richelle. That photo was taken in a textile shop in Central Asia. Every wall was hung with color and pattern. It had a vibrant, intimate feel, and was one of my favorite places.

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