Giving Thanks Forward

John’s words were a mourning with me, son and mother, for the loss of his mighty strength in our lives. “I guess now that Dad’s gone you won’t have any more adventures,” he said. I had to think about that for a while, but even then I knew that would not be the case. Now, almost four years later and several adventures in between, I’m heading out the door, across a continent, over an ocean, another continent, and into Central Asia.

Two weeks full of too much to imagine. And I’m thankful for Him who leads this mighty exploit.

Other thanks, breathed out:                                                                                  

~~Blue birds flying low over grasses

~~Sunshine warm on skin after a long winter

~~Support of friends and family

~~Two of four sons in church with me on Mother’s Day

~~Two others far away, but healthy, strong, and checking in with love

~~Courage, all His

~~Cat antics

~~Tulips blooming in the neighborhood

~~Good memories

~~Songs for hurting hearts

~~Suitcases packed with good gifts

~~An airplane, another airplane, third airplane, email, and home

God’s best blessings to you!