Would you like to return to the Garden?

…where God walks in the cool of the day? The way is open, secured for us by the Last Adam. There we can find rest, relationship, and love that will sustain us. It requires something of us though, as many of the best things in life do.We must open the gate...

  • Willingness to see the benefit.
  • Surrender of habits that block the way.
  • Courage to step out of the usual and away from things that rob our time and our treasure.
  • Trust that God really does have something better.
  • A Decision to make the time set aside inviolable, an appointment that will be kept.
  • Self discipline.
  • A Plan for the time in the Garden.

Where do all those things come from? From He who waits in the Garden. We ask Him for them.

The cool of a garden after the heat of the day is the most refreshing place imaginable.

The cool of the Garden is the place to begin to breathe again.

If you are looking for a PLAN, one option is to join National Community Church in their Garden to City Bible reading. It begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2010, and goes through Ash Wednesday 2011. It follows their ‘modified liturgical year’ using the ESV. More information is available¬†at http://www.fromgardentocity.com/home.

Part of our family SURRENDER came in the form of turning in our cable box and turning off the television for the evening. We are trusting God for good things to come out of our time in the GARDEN.

God’s best blessings,



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