Stillness is Part of Preparation

Waiting for the door to open

A fresh New Year lies ahead, like a pilgrim’s path stretched through hills we can’t see over or around. These days of winter, when all the world rests, are for us to still and silent before You.  They are to seek Your direction for the times ahead, and for the ability to find Your foot-printed path leading the way.

They are a time for quiet Communion.

The bag of dreams opens before You. One purposeful possibility at a time set between us. Like unpolished gems, I turn them one way, then another, and search them for unseen potential.They are stones from a lifetime of journeying, tools and abilities developed or dormant, ideas untried. I seek the ones that stir the light in Your eyes, watching Your face for its life-giving grace.

I wait for Your word, a confirmation. It always comes. A gentle quiet, a surety, and the door opens. You give everything necessary for the journey ahead  and the tasks assigned.

We know each New Year will bring seasons of sun and sorrow, change with limits. We have enough mystery ahead to keep us curious and moving forward, and enough of God’s loving presence and providence to know we won’t be moving forward alone.

But today is for waiting, for drawing close to Your chest and listening to Your heart.

Stillness is part of preparation. It precedes new life for a New Year.

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope. Ps. 130:5


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