We are well and enjoying the delights of autumn, which means that the temperatures in this corner of Arizona are staying below ninety degrees. 

We are heading into the fast track on the actual packing/weeding out/lightening the load phase of the move.  I find myself pulling stuff out of its place, going through it (spreading it around) and then leaving it to start the same thing in another spot.  Not exactly a streamlined method of dealing with stuff.  But, some things are finding their way out the front door, never to return again.  Others are finding their way into boxes, organized, labeled and ready to go. That is a good thing.

Since actual travel must be put on hold, cyber travel has become a means of survival.  A favorite audio jaunt has been to, where Gordon Hempton’s audio ecology efforts are showcased.  Sounds from the Hoh National Forest, pristine and unadulterated, bring us as close to creation as we may ever be.


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